The Diversity News

December 2005

GiANT Steps, Small Feats
AbSTRACT GiANTS make sense out of nonsense.

“Every artist wants to be recognized and praised for what they create. If they tell you they don’t . . . they’re lying.” – Cary Kanno

For four years, the Abstract Giants have been performing throughout the Midwest. They’ve done close to 100 shows (and counting) sharing the stage with hundreds of acts. Cary Kanno, manager and booking agent for the Abstract Giants, also plays guitar for the group, sometimes using a synthesizer pedal. Some of his personal highlights of acts the group has performed with include: Atmosphere, Lyrics Born, Zion I, the Coup and Bernie Worrell of the P funk all-stars.
The eight-man assembly keeps it “real” in a culture flooded with mimics and the same old stuff. ”We don’t pretend to be hardcore thugs or gangsters,” Kanno said. “We don’t buy into the hype that MTV culture shoves in our face. We are what we are . . . people who love music and play what we feel.”
“Beauty in art is in the eyes and ears of the beholder,” Kanno said. “And we are playing the music that some may hate on, but we’ve found that a lot of people like. One thing for sure is that the musical talent in my group is undeniable.”
Kanno says hip hop, musically, is a term that encompasses a plethora of styles; rap-rock, organic hip hop, pop hip hop, conscious hip hop. “My group is about 50% hip hop, 25% jazz, 15% rock and 10% random stuff.”
The Abstract Giants are currently working on a new album to follow up “Agrowculture,” their first LP. One of the members, Ronnie Physical, attempting to branch out, just released an album entitled, “Crewsades,” that features group members Apitight, Two Moons Mathismo and “Therm One” as well as other local mcs.
“We are currently recording “Integrity” for “The Chicago Drop Vol. Two,” Kanno said. “And we’re shooting a video for “Mathismo,” a track off of “Agrowculture.”
The song “Mathismo” is also featured on the “Chicago Drop Vol. One.” According to, “Chicago Drop” is “a cooperative of Chicago’s most innovative, organic, and experimental hip hop musicians.”
“It (“The Chicago Drop”) was created to serve as an umbrella for live hip hop bands in the Midwest,” Kanno said. “There are a lot of cats doing what we’re doing and we wanted to provide a visible backdrop for this scene.” Volume two is scheduled for release this February.
The Abstract Giants have a show Dec. 16 at 9 p.m. at The Barn, 6526 Clarendon Hills Road, in Willowbrook, Ill. Another show will take place Jan. 13 at 9 p.m. at the Abbey Pub, 3420 W. Grace.
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