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Saturday May 31, 2014:
The Wire
w/ Akasha and Badwolff
(708) 669-9473

Time: 9pm (doors at 8pm)

wire flier


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Past Shows and Artwork:

9/30/12 Octoberfest - Appleton, WI

7/14/12 Art Fair in the Square, Madison, WI

5/26/12 Mayne Stage, Chicago, IL W/ New Orleans Suspects

4/26/12 Mayne Stage, Chicago, IL W/ The Knux

2/25/12 Tonic Room. Chicago, IL w/ Innervisionists

2/11/12 Schubas. Chicago, IL. Opening for Down with Webster

2/4/12 High Concepts Labs. Chicago, IL.

12/14/11 Tonic Room. Chicago, IL. w/ Docs Delorian

7/9/11 Art Fair in the Square, Madison, WI

7/2/11 Double Door, Chicago, IL with The New Fuse

6/3/11 Abbey Pub, Chicago, IL with Del the Funky Homosapian

4/2/11 Martyrs, Chicago, IL CD release party. w/ The Opus and Animate Objects

1/29/11 Abbey Pub, Chicago, IL with Lyrics Born, Keys and Krates, and the Opus

11/11/10 Subterranean, Chicago, IL with Legend Haz It and Train Company

7/10/10 Art Fair in the Square, Madison, WI

5/14/10 Abbey Pub, Chicago, IL w/ Souls of Mischief

4/15/10 Cubby Bear, Chicago, IL w/ Sratch Track

2/18/10 WIPZ Midwest Music Festival, Racine, WI

2/10/10 Lincoln Hall, Chicago, IL - w/ Contriband and Doko Benjo

2/5/10 Murphys Pub, Forest Park, IL - w/ Phillip Moris

11/10/09 Abbey Pub - Opening for Digible Planets

9/13/09 St. Louis Art Fair. St. Louis, MO

June 20, 2009 Taste of Tippecanoe West Lafayette, IN

July 11, 2009 Art Fair in the Square Madison, WI

3/27/09 Reggies Rock Club

3/7/09 Martyrs. Opening for NASA

2/14/09 House of Blues, Chicago. Opening for Buckwheat Zydeco

1/30/09 Morse Theater with Elev8tor

11/4/2008 Republic, Chicago, IL

10/6/2008 The Abbey Pub, Chicago, IL opening for Substantial and CunninLynguists

9/12/2008 The Spot, Chicago, IL with Eclipse

7/25/2008 The Abbey Pub, Chicago, IL opening for Z-Trip

7/12/2008 Art Fair in the Square, Madison, WI

7/1/2008 House of Blues, Chicago, IL opening for the Rza (Wu Tang)

4/5/2008 Kinetic Playground, Chicago, IL with Contriband, Animate Objects

3/29/2008 Metro, Chicago, IL w/ Vertikal, Ferdinand Fox, Berto Ramon

2/1/2008 Martyrs, Chicago, IL Unearthed CD release. W/ Akasha and Bumpus

1/19/2008 Metro, Chicago, IL For Bodog battle of the bands regional finals.

1/15/2008 Republic, Chicago, IL With Ferdinand Fox. AG's Headline

12/14/2007 Subterranian, Chicago, IL With Berto Ramon and the Forentung Dj's

11/28/2007 Elbo room for the BoDog battle of the bands.

07/14/2007 Ottos, Dekalb, IL

07/14/2007 Art Fair in the Square, Madison, WI

06/21/2007 The Metro, Chicago, IL MOB Fest. Opening is Berto Ramon and Animate Objects.

06/08/2007 Cubby Bear with Treologic

06/06/2007 Taste of Tippicanoe

04/27/2007 Martyrs w/ Bumpus

04/20/2007 Abbey Pub w/ Heiruspecs and Glue.

04/19/2007 Funky Buddah Lounge

04/07/2007 Tin Lizzie

02/17/2007 GoJangle1

01/19/2007 The Abbey Pub. Chicago, IL w/ Agents of Change and Contriband

01/12/2007 08:00 PM - Metro - opening for comedians Doug Bennett, Jay, .

12/16/2006 10:00 PM - Jazz Central Station

12/09/2006 09:00 PM - Abbey Pub w/ the Coup and Mr Lif

11/02/2006 08:00 PM - Morseland

10/20/2006 08:00 PM - Stonefly Brewery - Milwaukee

09/13/2006 10:00 PM - Wise Fools Pub w/ Chicago Afrobeat

August 17th 2006 Tin Lizzie, Chicago, IL

July 22 2006: The Agitators Festival, Crown Point, IN

July 19 2006: Tonic Room, Chicago, IL AG's combine forces with Chicago AfroBeat Project W/ Akasha and Happy Butterfly Foot

July 13 2006: Martyrs, Chicago, IL AG's combine forces with Chicago Afrobeat Project Opening for Grammy nominated Hatian band: Boukman Eksperyans

July 8 2006: Art Fair in the Square, Madison, WI

July 7 2006: UW Madison Memorial Union Terrace, Madison, WI. w/ El Guante

July 5 2006: Taste of Chicago, Chicago, IL Taste Stage

June 17th 2006: Taste of Tippicanoe Laffyette, IN

June 9 2006: The Double Door, Chicago, IL w/ Bernie Worrell (from (parliment)

June 3 2006: The Abbey Pub, Chicago, IL w/ The Coup

May 6th 2006: The Note, Chicago, IL w/Chicago Afrobeat Project!

April 22 2006: Jazz Central Station, Springfield, IL

March 26 2006: The Abbey Pub, Chicago, IL w/ Zion I, Carnage, Blue Scholars

Friday Feb 17 2006: The Canopy Club, Champaign, IL w/ Lorenzo Goetz (CD release)

Saturday Feb 11 The Metro, Chicago, IL CD release for THE CHICAGO DROP! w/ Verbal Kent, Dynamic Vibrations, Small Change.

Saturday January 21th Morseland Chicago, IL w/ Small Change & Wine Poetry. Presented by The Seminal

Friday December 16th: The Barn Willowbrook, ILW/ Verbal Kent, Karnage, Agents of Change

Saturday November 5th: Jazz Central Station. Springfield, IL

Friday November 4th: Nargile. Champaign, IL

Friday October 21st: The Abbey . Chicago, IL Opening for The Coup and Lifesavas

Monday October 10th: The Metro. Chicago, IL. Hurricane Katrina benefit show. All proceeds will be donated to the McCormick Tribune Foundation. With The Redwalls, The M's, & Bumpus

Friday Sept 30th: The Abbey . Chicago, IL Opened for Lyrics Born & Pigon John

Friday Sept 16th: Funky Buddha Lounge. Chicago, IL

Saturday Sept 10th: Ottos. Dekalb, IL with J Davis Trio

Thursday Aug 25th: Field Museum . Chicago, IL Opening for Frank Orrell (from Poi Dog Pondering).

Sunday Aug 14th: Wrigley Field . Chicago, IL

8/1/05 Monday The Abbey, Chicago, IL (w/ Eyedea, the Crest)

7/13/05 wednesday North Ave Beach, Chicago, IL (w/ Baldwin Brothers)

7/9/05 Saturday House of Blues, Chicago, IL (w/ Freespace, Chicago Afrobeat Project)

7/9/05 Saturday Art Fair in the Square, Madison, WI

7/8/05 Friday Memorial Union Terrace, Madison, WI (w/ Know Boundaries, Dumate)

6/26/05 Sunday Taste of Chicago, FOX Stage, Chicago, IL

6/24/05 Friday Metro, Chicago, IL (w/ Treologic, Psalm One & Longshot, Jagoff)

6/4/05 Saturday The Abbey, Chicago, IL (w/ Zion I, One.Be.Lo, Crown City Rockers, Linc)

3/19/05 Friday The Note, Chicago, IL (w/ Offwhyte, Longshot)

2/19/05 Saturday The Abbey, Chicago, IL (w/ Bumpus, Contriband)

2/18/05 Friday FOX AM News, Milwaukee, WI

2/8/05 Tuesday Hot House, Chicago, IL (w/ PACIFICS, Verbal Kent, Mr. Greenweeds, Family Tree)

1/28/05 Friday Metro, Chicago, IL (w/ Treologic, Bad News Jones, Farm Crew, Star People)

1/19/05 Wednesday The Abbey, Chicago, IL (w/ Diverse, Jean Grae, Psalm One, Erratik Statik)

12/31/04 Friday The Note, Chicago, IL (w/ Chicago AfroBeat Project)

12/15/04 Wednesday Metro, Chicago, IL (w/ Autumn Defense, Andrew Bird, The Safes)

12/11/04 Saturday Angelic Brewing Co, Madison, WI

11/24/04 Wednesday Wise Fools, Chicago, IL (w/ Altiro)

11/23/04 Tuesday Hot House, Chicago, IL (w/ Jah Safe, Contriband)

11/20/04 Saturday Morseland, Chicago, IL (w/ Contriband & the P.A.C.I.F.I.C.S.)

10/30/04 Saturday Boiler Room, Arlington Heights, IL

10/29/04 Friday The Abbey, Chicago, IL (w/ Hieruspecs, Bad News Jones, POS)

10/24/04 Sunday High Noon Saloon, Madison, WI (opener: Prole!)

10/14/04 Thursday Metro, Chicago, IL (openers: Farm Crew, Tabakin, Small Change)

9/17/04 Saturday The Great Dane, Madison, WI

9/17/04 Friday Extreme Nights, Janesville, WI

9/11/04 Saturday Cans Street Festival (w/ Catfight, Elevation), Chicago, IL

9/10/04 Friday Nargile, Champaign, IL

9/4/04 Saturday Subterranean, Chicago, IL

9/3/04 Friday Nellys Piper, Lemont, IL

8/30/04 Sunday University of Wisconsin Whitewater, Whitewater, WI

8/12/04 Friday Illinois State Fair, Springfield, IL

8/12/04 Friday Jazz Central Station, Springfield, IL

7/25/04 Sunday Taste of Lincoln Ave (w/ Indiginous, Hairbangers Ball, Trippin Billies, Ronnie Baker Brooks, Mike & Joe, & Mab Lab)

7/24/04 Saturday Tweeter Center Warped Tour (w/ Atmosphere, Flogging Molly, Good Charlote, NOFX, Bad Religion, Alkaline Trio, )

7/16/04 Friday Metro (opener: P-1, Contriband)

7/11/04 Sunday Clark Street Music Fest, Chicago, IL (w/ Pomeroy, Mike and Joe, Groovatron, Dave Tampkin)

7/10/04 Saturday Art Fair on the Square, Madison, WI

6/18/04 Friday Schubas, (w/ Bumpus)

6/4/04 Friday Congress Theater, (w/ Treologic, Apollo Project, 8fatfat8)

5/29/04 Saturday Birdys, Indianapolis (w/ Audible Thought)

5/13/04 Thursday Metro (opener: Treologic and Small Change) metro

5/1/04 Saturday Madison Union Terrace, WI Headlined

4/24/04 Saturday Wise Fools Pub (opener: Ill Rek, Contriband)

4/2/04 Friday Chicago Underground Studios (opener: PALA, Freespace)

3/26/04 Friday Birdys, Indianapolis (w/ Audible Thought, The Franchize)

3/14/04 Sunday Martyrs (opener: Irradio and Tom Sharp)

3/12/04 Friday Heartland Cafe (opener: Dynamic Vibrations and T-Scar)

2/19/04 Thursday Schubas (opener: Contriband and Small Change) SOLD OUT SHOW!

1/23/04 Friday Wise Fools Pub (opener: PALA)

1/2/04 Friday Subterranean (opener: Treologic and Zzaje)

12/11/03 Thursday Fitzgeralds (opener: Dynamic Vibrations)

12/5/03 Friday Subterranean (opener: Funktelligence)

11/12/03 Tuesday Hot House (opener: Organic Mind Unit,Treologic, Star People (Family Tree))

10/31/03 Friday Wise Fools Pub Headliner (opener: Stracandy)
10/18/03 Saturday Subterrenean Headliner (opener: P1)
9/26/03 Friday Madison Union Terrace, WI Headlined
9/24/03 Wednesday House Of Blues Open For Punsayapaya / Buddahs Bellyhob
9/5/03 Friday Double Door Opened for Fareen Haque
8/23/03 Saturday Hog Head McDunnas Headliner (opener: OMU)
8/2/03 Saturday Martyrs Headliner (opener: Treologic)
7/18/03 Friday Metro Opened for Bumpus
7/5/03 Saturday Double Door Opened for Bernie Worell dd
6/14/03 Saturday The Note Headliner (opener: All Fours)
6/4/03 Wednesday Double Door Headliner
5/23/03 Friday Subterrenean Headliner (opener: P1)
5/16/03 Friday Double Door Opened for Bumpus
4/8/03 Thursday The Bottom Lounge Headliner (opener: OMU)
4/18/03 Friday Wise Fools Pub Headliner (opener: Jeep (from the Samples))
3/22/03 Saturday Subterrenean Opened for Bumpus
3/1/03 Saturday Hog Head McDunnas Headliner (opener: Family Style)
2/20/03 Thursday Tin Lizzie Headlined
12/31/02 New Years Eve Subterranean Headlined (opener: Tabakin)
12/20/02 Friday Metro Opened for Bumpus
12/12/02 Thursday Excalibur Headlined
12/12/02 Thursday Boulevard Cafe Headlined (opener: P1)
12/14/02 Saturday Lucid Studios Headlined (opener:P1)
11/22/02 Friday The Note Headlined
10/31/02 Halloween Gunthur Murphys Headlined (opener: Daily Bridge Club)
10/25/02 Friday Boulevard Cafe Headlined (opener: P1)
10/4/02 Friday Hog Head McDunnas Headlined
9/13/02 Friday Subterranean Headlined (opener: Tabakin)
8/8/02 Thursday Gunthur Murphys Headlined
7/25/02 Thursday Fitzgearlds Headlined
6/5/02 Wednesday Old Town School Headlined
5/17/02 Friday De Ja Vu Headlined
4/18/02 Thursday Cubbie Bear Headlined


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