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Even in its weirdest, trippiest moments, their full-length debut, Agrowculture, partakes of the True Spirit of Hip-Hop--it's a joyous creative exploration that thumbs its nose at the genre's self-appointed gatekeepers.
- Monica Kendrick, Chicago Reader

Picture a violin wailing as three MCs spit semi-automatic bursts of rhymes and you'll begin to envision the draw of Abstract Giants, an eight-piece hip-hop band that draws as much from Tito Puente as it does from The Roots. When the band performs, their origins are evident. They seem like a post-integration, suburban version of Fat Albert's Junkyard Gang
- David Jakubiak, Chicago Sun Times

Ladies and gentlemen, there's finally a reason for you to take that copy of The Low End Theory out of your CD player. The golden era of hip hop may be long gone, but the Giants are truly the next big thing.
- Spencer Lokken, Chicago Innerview magazine

Plugging out an increasingly eclectic take on the genre, these Chicago natives blend a dozen music forms into the traditionally beats-and-drums music, flexing above-average rhyming skills over the top. …….just know that the act goes leagues beyond the same old funk-sample hip-hop, blending in pieces and parts of rock, various world musics and even a kind of free-form acid jazz that's awash with creativity. Completely worth seeing, especially considering the live element they bring (keyboards, strings, live percussion, bass) to set them apart from the turntable-microphone cliché.
- Dave Chamberlain, New City Music Magazine
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You Wanna Go
Rise and Shine
Things That I've Seen
Times is Tight

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AGrowculture - released 5/2004
Unearthed - released 6/2007
Abstract Giants - released 1/2011

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